05 Feb 2019

Let’s face it, no matter how many people we might be working with, we all need a community of friends…


23 Apr 2018

What is GDPR GDPR will replace the UK Data Protection Act of 1998. It looks to provide better control over…


07 May 2017

Design is so subjective…. How can you create a working relationship that allows you to be a profitable agency, whilst…


05 May 2017

Let’s talk about why starting building the website before you’ve even designed it is the total wrong way around of…


18 Mar 2017

The Problem Let’s face it, that second the call or email comes in with someone requesting a quote for a…


16 Dec 2016

So let’s talk about WordPress Security. First of all there is this widely stated myth that WordPress is insecure. Let’s…


23 Aug 2016

As a web developer / web agency you are more often that not busy with the day to day builds. You are working out a bug, or designing an awesome layout. Perhaps you are booked up in multiple project meetings, and feel like time is being eaten up. At the back of your mind is that niggling thought… where are my next sales coming from? Who is my next customer?


09 May 2016

If you get backup included with your hosting partner GREAT…. BUT… has your business continuity plan considered the following: How…


04 Jan 2016

When building and developing websites, the bigger picture is often overlooked. What is this bigger picture? It is known as:…


03 Jan 2016

With WordPress you can rapidly develop website applications that are powerful, efficient and require little to no code input. You can literally make any product you put your mind to. For example, we have had the pleasure of prototyping applications such as….

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